Appreciate and understand the fascinating diversity of East and South Asia

Teacher: Jan Ole Haagensen 

Lessons: 4/ Week

Learning objectives
To introduce students to the concept of Asia, the richness of in particular selected East and South Asian cultures, history, politics and society, and to shed light on where the countries are today in relation to their their achievements, challenges and aspirations with a specific focus on a) youths and b) minorities. To be able to appreciate and understand the fascinating diversity of East and South Asia from the cultural, social, political and historical points of view and how similar/ different the lives of the youth are from youth elsewhere.

Content The class will focus on an analysis and interpretation of selected trends and issues of East and South Asian culture, history and politics from 16th century until today. We will discuss and understand to what extend it has shaped how the countries are today are seen by the countries themselves and others (feared or admired). We will also discuss to what extent we can talk about a separate Asian culture or specific Asian values. We will pay special attention to the populous countries India and China, but others based on students’ interests may be included.

Learning methods The learning methods will include lectures, group work, student presentations, class discussion based on audio visual material, hand-outs, etc. We will also do research work, individually and in groups. 


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