Event: Young Europe Youth Summit

12 May 2019

Ten young people from all over Europe stay at IPC from the 6th to the 12th of May working together with ten IPC students – all in the name of democracy 🧠💪 They are a part of something called ‘Young Europe is Voting’, which means they have one week to discuss, plan, and bring new ideas to the table in how young people around Europe can be become more motivated to vote in the upcoming European election ✒️🇪🇺🔜

This is happening at ten different Folk High Schools in Denmark, which means that 200 young Europeans are working hard to strengthen the voice of the youth! 

By the end of the week they will all gather at the ‘Youth Island’ in Copenhagen and meet the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, who will kick-off the weekend.

Read more about ‘Young Europe is Voting’ here: https://www.yeiv.eu

200 young people meeting in Denmark, working together to strengthen the voice of youth in the upcoming European election!

One week in Denmark

Monday – Friday: Stay at a Danish Folk High School

  • 4 days at a folk high school: You will be a part of the school life at a Danish folk high school, which is a non-formal residential school with approximately 60-100 young people.
  • Exploring your theme: In a special designed program, 20 of you will work intensively with exploring the different facets of your chosen theme in thematic workshops and activities.
  • Versatile methods and personal experiences: The focus will be on getting to the centre of the dilemmas of the theme, involving both experts, theory and your own experiences.
  • Define visions: Based on your work with the theme, your group will choose the most important visions and messages that you wish to communicate to the European Parliament.

Friday – Sunday: Stay at the Youth Island in Copenhagen

  • Youth Island summit: 200 young people meet on Youth Island in the Copenhagen Harbour.
  • Communication training: Based on intensive communication training and workshops in creative communication, you will learn how to communicate your visions and how to make your voice heard in the public debate.
  • Inspire young people: We want to inspire other young people to engage in European issues and to vote in the upcoming European election.
  • Press conference: On Sunday, we will hold a press conference in order to communicate our messages and visions to all of Europe.

International People’s College is specifically dealing with the theme European Union & the World.

Who is Youth Summit Denmark: Young Europe is Voting?

International People’s College is an active partner in the European project Youth Summit Denmark: Young Europe is Voting. The project is funded by the European Parliament and is a joint initiative of the Danish organisation Nyt Europa, FFD-Federation of Folk High Schools in Denmark and nine other Danish Folk High Schools (Egmont Højskolen, Grundtvigs Højskole, Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup (Official), Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus, Højskolen Østersøen, International People’s College, Krogerup Højskole, Silkeborg Højskole, Uldum Højskole and Vrå Højskole).

“The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for encouraging peace and democracy. The EU has the ability to function as a starting point of global partnerships. However, new risks and challenges have emerged in connection to globalization. How influential will the EU become in a new global order? How are the EU relations with the USA, China and Russia now and how will they be in the future? Will the EU be able to establish a more balanced partnership with the African countries? These and many other questions will be argued and discussed in ‘EU in the world’.”




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