IPC Alumni Summer Camp

Alumni Summer Camp – Yes, you can!

Are you longing to come (back) to International People’s College, then you have the chance! Every summer you can have one week of intense International People’s College experience and you don’t even have to pay for it! Every year the Folk High School Alumni Summer Camp will have a theme (In 2018 it was empowerment and entrepreneurship), so you can boost your professional skills and get a certificate in the end. The Folk High School Alumni Summer Camp are always very playful, practical and filled with workshops. Among them, there are daily outdoor activities. You will be surprised what you are able to do – and that’s our goal for every year’s Folk High School Alumni Summer Camp. We will also provide you with extra curricular activities such as cultural evenings, theme parties, excursion to Louisiana and Northern Zealand, singing by the bonfire… you name it!

You are always welcome to write us at alumni@ipc.dk if you are interested or if you have any question.

You only have to pay for your travel costs and for your visa if you need one to get to Denmark.

Who can apply?
We primarily would like to invite former students to the camp. However, if you have never been to International People’s College but you are interested in attending it in the future, write a letter to us explaining your interest and then you can most probably attend the summer camp.

Read more about the Folk High School Alumni Summer Camps on Alumni’s home page here.

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