Teacher – Nikolaj Sahlstrøm

SubjectsMusic Revolutions, Mind the Heart

Nikolaj has had the opportunity to explore life from many different angles – academically as well as experimentally. Spending roughly half his life traveling, Nikolaj has met and lived with people from all walks of life in many different countries (too many to list here). Nikolaj has talked to them about life, death and happiness. He has listened and tried to comprehend. He doesn’t claim to have all the answers to life but he believes that he at least has gained some perspective on things and it is these perspectives that he brings with him to International People’s College. The classes that Nikolaj teaches revolve around his passions: philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, cosmology, spirituality, human relations, personal growth and transformations, gender roles, sexuality, taboos, natural science, music, art and literature (to name a few).

Music Revolutions

Understand how music have influenced our societies and changed the way people dress, talk, think, act and relate to each other through time.



Mind the Heart

Mind and body tools. Learn how to cooperate with stressful situations and everyday life.



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