Angel folk high school staff at international People's College in Denmark

Teacher – Angel L. Vidal

SubjectsLife and the CityInternational Relations, politics and organizations, Intercultural Communication, Understanding Europe

Angel was born in Spain but has lived abroad more than half of his life. He moved permanently to Denmark in 2008. Angel has worked in the private sector and with NGO’s for several years. He has also worked in the United Nations for more than 20 years supporting development and capacity building projects all over the World. Angel’s professional and teaching competencies developed through the years as a practitioner and as a trainer in the fields of socio-economic development, policy analysis, conflict transformation, intercultural communication, capacity building, communication and internet-based technologies applied to training and education. In his spare time Angel constantly listens to music. He loves music all kinds of music, from Ludwig van Beethoven to Arcade Fire or Tinariwen. TV? Not so much. Angel is a radio person who also loves photography – especially in black and white!

Life and the City

Discuss urbanization and the consequences it has in our daily lives.


Intercultural Communication

Understand diversity and improve your communicative skills.


Understanding Europe

Be able to appreciate and understand the fascinating diversity of the European Culture.


International Relations, Politics and Organizations

Analyze and discuss the way the United Nations System works.



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