Covid-19: Frequently asked Questions

How is it like to be a student at International People’s College during the pandemic? Do I have to wear a face mask? What if I get sick?

At International People’s College we follow the rules and recommendations set by the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Government. Therefore, the answers below will give you an idea about how we handle the Covid-19 pandemic at International People’s College, but things might change according to new restrictions or advice by the Danish authorities. Please make sure to keep yourself updated on the official Danish Corona webpage:

https://en.coronasmitte.dk/  & https://en.coronasmitte.dk/rules-and-regulations/entry-into-denmark/categorization-of-countries

Police Covid Hotline (travel): +45 70206044.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Can I enter Denmark?

When the Danish borders are open you can enter Denmark. International People’s College will provide a letter for Danish immigration authorities explaining the purpose of your travel.

On arrival to Denmark, should I use a face mask?

Face masks are mandatory in public transport and all public spaces in Denmark (including shops). In addition to the use of the face mask you need to keep social distance – of two meters – at all times. Please read more about how the Danish Government handle the pandemic.

Do I need to be tested before coming to International People’s College?

Yes, twice. You need to be tested in your home country within 24 hours before arriving to International People’s College. Additionally, if you arrive by plane, you need to be tested upon arrival to Denmark (for instance in the testing facilities in Copenhagen Airport). If you are not arriving by plane you need to be tested just after your arrival.

What if I get sick just before coming to International People’s College?

You can not show any Covid-19 symptoms when you arrive at International People’s College. If you have symptoms you  will have to postpone your arrival. It is possible to get a refund if you have to cancel your participation because of Covid-19 related issues. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to wear a face mask on campus?

When you walk around campus you have to wear a face mask, but you can take it off when you sit down. Depending on the  instructions and recommendations from the Danish authorities this can change from time to time – according to the current Covid-19 situation in Denmark.

Is the beginning of a term affected by Covid-19 restrictions?

During the first ten days students have to keep at a one-meter distance to one another and to the staff at International People’s College (two meters to people in a risk group).

Do I need to keep a social distance at the school?

After ten days after the beginning of the term you will be able to be in closer contact with people within your ‘family group’. A family group is a group of students with approx. 20 students whom you live close by at the school. You still need to keep social distance of one meter to members of other family groups and International People’s College staff.

Are classes different?

We are following the advice from the Danish authorities and adapt the way we run both classes and activities if needed. Most of the class content is not affected by the Corona virus, and we still offer classes like ‘Work Out‘ and go on excursions etc. following the recommendations from the Danish authorities.

What about Study Trips?

We will not travel abroad on Study Trips during this worldwide pandemic, but we will arrange for a Study Trips within Denmark unless further restrictions are ruled by the government.

How is the social life at International People’s College affected by Covid-19 regulations?

You can still enjoy all the activities that students normally do at campus but with the Covid-19 restrictions in mind. Large social activities will only take place in Lecture Hall or in a specifically designated safe area.

What about food?

You eat with your family group so you can sit close together and enjoy the meal. There will not be served any buffets.

Is it possible to sanitize my hands around campus?

Yes. There are ‘sanitizing stations’ all over campus. Students, teachers and staff will sanitize classrooms and common areas every day and after each lesson or activity.

Can I have visitors? Or get a tour around campus?

No. Unfortunately we are not allowing people from the outside into campus since that would raise the contamination risk.

Can I leave the school?

Yes. You are of course free to leave campus but you will always need to respect all Covid-19 safety regulations, recommendations and restrictions. If you feel any symptoms when you are away from the school, you will need to contact the Teacher on Duty before coming back to International People’s College and wait for instructions.

How do I get tested in Denmark?

There are several possibilities of testing in Denmark. International People’s College staff will provide you all the information needed. Testing in Denmark is free of charge for both visitors and residents.

What if I get symptoms during my stay?

If you experience symptoms you will have to self-isolate in your room. If symptoms increase or continue for more than two days International People’s College will arrange for medical help. Self-isolation will continue 48 hours after being symptom-free. If a case of Covid-19 is suspected you will be moved to one of the ‘isolation rooms’ at campus. Meals will be brought to you.

What if I have been in contact with a person contaminated with Covid-19?

If you have been in contact with a contaminated person, you need to be tested and self-isolate in your room for seven days after the test. Meals will be brought to you.

What if I get infected with Covid-19?

If it is confirmed by a test that you are infected with Covid-19 your family group will be tested and go in self-isolation for seven days after the tests. Contaminated students will remain in isolation for two days after being free of symptoms.

What happens if the school is closed down by the Danish Government?

Since the Covid-19 regulations change from time to time we cannot be sure what kind of rules we have to follow if a close down of International People’s College should be necessary. If International People’s College have to close down at some point, we plan to follow the same procedure as in Spring 2020:

In Spring Term 2020 International People’s College was shut down for almost three months due to Covid-19 in Denmark. All students had to leave International People’s College, and the students who could not go back to their countries because of Covid-19 restrictions in their home countries, stayed at campus for that period of time.

If a term is cancelled, you will get a full refund for the remaining time of your term. Terms and Conditions.

Can I return to my home country?

Many countries require a negative PCR test before entrance in the country. In many cases you will not be allowed to board a plane unless you can prove that you have been tested. It is your own responsibility to get tested and be updated with the Covid-19 restrictions in relation to your trip back home when your term at International People’s College ends.

Any more questions?

Please call +45 21 33 61 or write an email to ipc@ipc.dk

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