One-week course: WorldPride and Human Rights

LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights – a one week course at International People’s College

Do you want to know more about the challenges LGBTQIA+ people meet all over the world? And dig into the declaration of human rights focusing on gender and sexuality?

At this one-week course at International People’s College you get the chance to work with human rights in relation to LGBTQIA+ issues and participate in WorldPride 2021 in Copenhagen.

International People’s College and Human Rights

Every year International People’s College attend the Pride Festival in Copenhagen to show support to the fight for equal rights within LGBTQIA+ issues. This year Copenhagen is hosting the biggest Danish event within human rights and diversity in 2021 – WorldPride – and we take the opportunity to put an extra focus on human rights and LGBTQIA+ issues when we offer a one week course with this focus.

International People’s College was founded with the belief that world peace is created through understanding. If people from around the world got to know each other better by living and learning together at International People’s College, they would discover that diversity enriches our lives and expands our horizons. Now, a century later, the same idea drives us, and diversity and human rights are core values at IPC.


We are currently planning the program for the one-week course. Teacher Felicity Markdal will be in charge of the course and will also be teaching herself. We will invite guest teachers who work with human rights in relation to LGBTQIA+ issues and we will support the WorldPride and attend the festival during the week.

Felicity holds a degree in International Politics and Military History and two Master’s in Conflict Resolution and Entrepreneurship. She will soon finish her third master in Intersectionality at Linköping University. Felicity has trained as a secondary teacher and her professional career has centered on teaching in different settings, whether that be story-telling for peace in libraries in the UK or working to address gender-inequality with the South African government.

We will announce the final program in the beginning of 2021.

Dates and Price

Dates: 10th of August – 16th of August 2021
Price: 5000 DKK (672 EURO)
It is also possible to take the one-week course as a beginning of a long term at International People’s College in Autumn 2021 and like that get a valuable discount. Read more here.


Apply for the one week course here, or the 19-week long course at International People’s College here.


Examples of work within Gender and Sexuality at International People’s College

Take a look at this film to see how the class ‘Intersectionality’ has worked with the topic ‘Hysteria’ in Autumn 2020.

hysteria pride course

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