Spiritually, culturally and philosophically aspects of Life

Three weeks Summer Course: “Humans, Life and Society”

How do we experience life in body and mind? What are our abilities and limitations as human beings? How are we influenced by our surrounding cultures and societies?


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During three – hopefully sunny weeks in Denmark – we will examine life from three different stands: spiritually, culturally and philosophically. We will journey inwards – learning different yoga and meditation techniques, participate in discussions about life trying to find out what ‘a good life’ means and reflect upon what it entails. We will also examine the conditions of life – learn about cultural and philosophical aspects of our existence while exploring the Danish culture and society going on excursions in Northern Zealand and Copenhagen.

During the Summer Course we will also reflect upon the Corona crisis, trying to get a deeper understanding of how the pandemic has influenced our lives. Has the crisis redefined how we approach, analyze, and interpret life? Maybe the pandemic can be seen as an opportunity for us to understand our abilities and limitations as individuals and collectively.

The main facilitors at the Summer Course is Claus Staal and Nikolaj Sahlstrøm, but other teachers at IPC and guest teachers will also be in charge of modules, lectures and activities during the three weeks.

Lectures, adventures, activities, and excursions will be the main components for three weeks that will hopefully become the highlight of the summer.

Dates: 30th of June – 20th of July 2021

Price: 10.000 DKK (7.500 DKK if you are enrolled in Spring 2021 in beforehand) incl. participation, accommodation, meals and excursions.
Additionally 300 DKK a week for a single room.
Nb. You have to be above 17,5 years old to attend the course.

Application deadline

Deadline for applications is the 1st of June 2021.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic you can cancel and get a full refund (less the application fee of 500 DKK) up to the day the course begins if your cancellation has to do with Covid-19. Read the General Terms and Conditions.


N.b. this three weeks Summer Course is also offered to students enrolled in Spring Term 2021 which gives these students a chance to prolong their term at IPC, since the Spring Term 2021 was shortened because of Covid-19 regulations in Denmark.



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