Leisure Time Activities

We believe that you learn not only through classes but also while having fun with your fellow students engaging in leisure time activities. Spending your time in a multicultural environment with student from the whole world will give you international know-how which is more useful than ever in a globalised world.

Folk High School Leisure time activities changes from term to term and depend on the season and interests of the student body. Below you can briefly read about activities our students have arranged outside of class.

Movie Nights: Getting together with a bunch of other students once or twice a week to watch movies.

Student Kitchen Activities: Through our student body, cuisines from all over the world are represented. We have had Japanese students teaching how to make sushi and German students cooking Currywurst.

Soccer: Soccer is always a hit amongst many of our students. We have really nice big green fields where you can play.

Student lecture: Are you especially passionate about a certain field? Why not arrange a talk about the subject? We have had students giving talks on many subjects that interest them.

Excursions: Students often go on excursions on weekends and in the afternoon to Copenhagen or other areas whenever something interesting is going on.

Beach trips in Elsinore: If you are here during spring term you will most likely enjoy the beaches around Elsinore; enjoy a dip in the sea, playing volleyball in the sand or having a little party at night. Summer is the season of going to the beach for hours on end.

Bike trips: Fall, winter, spring or summer, our students always enjoy a bike trip on weekends and afternoon in the surrounding areas of Helsingør.

Games and Boardgames: Playing games is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together. As an added bonus, all kinds of games are also rich in learning opportunities.

Music and band playing: At our Folk High School in Denmark we often have students who play an instrument or like to sing and use their leisure time on practicing their performance.  

Human Rights Café Activities: Our Human Rights Café is run by volunteers who organize social and educational activities. It is a cosy place where students can feel free to discuss subjects related to Human Rights issues.

Language classes: Spanish, French, Japanese, e.g. language classes have been taught in the evening by students.

Danish Seasonal Holidays

As a student it is mandatory to stay the night at IPC during week days. You have leisure time to do what you like in the evenings and weekends if you do not have any mandatory activities happening. More so you will have Danish seasonal holidays where you can travel or go sight seeing if you wish to do so:

Easter: 28th of March – 5th of April 2021

Great Prayer Day: 30th of April 2021

Ascension Day: 13th of May 2021

Pentecost: 23rd of May and 24th of May 2021



During your studies here, we have many activities available for you. Check out our Folk High School Calendar.



We have many student facilities available for you. From sports to music room, computer labs to student kitchen.



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