Life at IPC

When you live together with people from more than 30 different countries everyday life will bring you something new.

The everyday Folk High School life at International People’s College evolves around the classes you choose, but there will be plenty of other activities going on. Both organized events and activities that just spontaneously happen. A student from India might show you how to make authentic Dahl, a movie enthusiast can show you his or hers favourite Vietnamese film, or some students might play Ping-Pong in the gym… while others are doing yoga in the backyard of our Folk High School.

We have a café at our Folk High School, where students meet for book clubs, photo practise, or to play board games. We also have our own second-hand shop, a costume room, a small cinema, and bikes you can borrow if you want to explore the beautiful beaches near the school together with your new friends. (Read more about the facilities at our Folk High School in Denmark here)

At International People’s College, we are a small community and we all take part in the duties and the Folk High School life at the school together. Like for example doing the dishes, setting the tables, cleaning different areas at campus etc. All students are a part of a ‘Contact Group’ who have different responsibilities and do social activities together with their anchor teacher (read more about contact groups here).

In the weekends some students like to go clubbing in Copenhagen, while others are ‘binging’ the next season of Game of Thrones. Some events, like for example Cultural Evenings or class excursions are happening in the weekends, but you will have a lot of time to do exactly what you love to do – whether you need a little time on your own or want to do something together with a group of friends.

Everyone’s experience at International People’s College is different and it is impossible to predict what you will love most about Folk High School life. One thing is for sure – you will live together with people that are very different from yourself. People with different backgrounds, lifestyles, ideas, and points of view. People from the opposite side of the planet.


A Typical Day at IPC

No day at International People’s College is ‘typical’. Read what it’s really like to study at our Folk High School in Denmark.


Daily Organization at IPC

Read how the daily life is organized at our Folk High School in Denmark.



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