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Human Experience  

Teacher(s): Felicity Markdal 

Lessons: 4/week

Through this Folk High School Class we seek to dig in to what it really means to be human; to open up and ask the questions we are usually afraid or embarrassed to ask, to dig deeper in to or own and other psyche so that we might know internal and external peace through understanding, to have fun and question everything. Topics include:

  • What does it mean to be human? Attempting to define what a human actually is, through phenomena such as the Human Rights Declaration, Science, Literature, Emotions etc.
  • Age? A number? a definition? the number of years our body has inhabited the planet both frees and inhibits us, we will look in to how and why
  • Stories of Humans- creating a Living library of different experiences to share both within and outside of IPC
  • Ableism- is our society built only on one type of body- a fully functioning, with all limbs kind of body? What does the world look like if you are not in this body? This includes looking at Fat Shaming, Physical Disabilities, Skinny Shaming etc.
  • Your Beautiful Mind- an exploration in to mental health, looking at where it might go wrong and what can be done to strengthen it
  • The Future of Humans- imagining the future and where Humanity might go- the good the bad and the ugly
  • Fetish, Sexiness and a world without sex- looking at supposedly one of the “basic” human drives and how it effects our lives in different shapes and forms
  • Health- what does this mean? Can it be measured in Kilograms and hours at the gym or is there something more?
  • Conservatism- why is this taboo, where do we identify on this scale?
  • Home- what is this? How does this concept contribute to our sense of self? Does everyone need or have a home?
  • Family- is it biological? Is it value based? Is it the healthiest environment for you?
  • Productivity and Stress- two values that dominant and impact on one another in modern society, how do they touch you, tips and tricks for surviving
  • Modern Society- the values, the purpose, the goals, the problems
  • Creativity- is this a natural born talent, something we can build, why is it so highly prized in modern society
  • Beautiful Anonymous (Taken from a popular podcast)- space every lesson for you to ask the questions you want to about being a “human”, interacting with humans, human impact on the world etc.
  • Relationships and love- why do we base this on fairytales? Analysing literature, art, etc. to find out what this means in our own lives
  • All this and more depending on what you wish to look in to…


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