The Core Values of IPC

At International People’s College we adhere to a set of core values. These can be summed up in six words of equal importance: respect, equality, democracy, peace, empathy and sustainability. We work actively and explicitly with them in our classes and everyday life. In other words; these ideals are what guides IPC’s mission in education.

Also, our Folk High School Core Values can be summed up with one phrase: Active Global Citizenship. Through our core values we educate global hearts and global minds to become active global citizens. Read more about our active global citizenship here.

“I chose to study at IPC because of their Folk High School core values. I am really interested in all of them but especially in sustainability. And here you actually work with them in class. So that’s why I came to IPC.”

(Olivia, Denmark, Autumn Term 2017)


International People’s College
Montebello Allé 1
3000 Helsingør

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